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Honda CIVIC SI Sedan 2017 Review – A Reliable and Fuel-Efficient Compact Car

By admin / October 20, 2017

Honda CIVIC SI Sedan 2017 comes with some improvements which make it better than its predecessor. Those who have used the previous model already know that it is a reliable and fuel-efficient compact car. Of course, with the release of the newer model, lots of people may wonder what features or technologies that the new Honda CIVIC SI can offer. Thanks to its crisps handling and snapping acceleration, the new model is more fun to drive. Note that it also offers more room to accommodate everyone.

Honda CIVIC SI Sedan 2017

What Makes Honda CIVIC SI Sedan 2017 the Best Choice for You?

We have listed some good reasons why you must include Honda CIVIC SI Sedan 2017 on your top list in 2017. Check these out!

Strong-Turbocharged Engine

The new Honda CIVIC SI Sedan comes with a more powerful engine. With the availability of the optional turbocharged engine, you can rest assured that the new Honda can deliver a stronger performance without sacrificing the fuel efficiency. In fact, it can deliver a lively 174 horsepower.

Class-Leading Fuel Efficiency

This is without a doubt one of the key features that you can expect from Honda CIVIC SI Sedan. It fits the description as a fuel-efficient compact car. The new model comes with an optional CVT automatic transmission that lets you obtain the maximum fuel savings. When the car is equipped with the four-base cylinder engine, it can return up to 42 mpg. No matter which version that you buy, all versions are designed to burn regular unleaded gas.

Great Manual Transmission

Buyers are given some options as they can choose the eco-friendly CVT or the manual transmission. While the eco-friendly CTV seems to be a popular choice, the availability of the six-manual transmission is definitely a good feature that lots of drivers can enjoy. The clutch is very light thus it can prevent your foot from becoming fatigued in the heavy traffic.

Stylish Trims

The new car looks more stylish as it features an aggressive front grille. Note that you also receive other updates such as a new center-exit exhaust system and a powerful body kit. You can also expect some new exterior colors available such as cosmic blue, red, and burgundy night.

Safety Features

Safety has become one of the key features that we really like from Honda CIVIC SI Sedan 2017. As expected from Honda, the new model received a five-star safety rating. There are some safety features which add comfort when you are driving. For example, there is the LaneWatch camera system which offers protection when you are on the highway. The well-designed braking system provides stopping power which is very helpful in the emergency situation.


Of course, there are also some issues that should be taken into your consideration. For example, the new entertainment system offered by the new Honda is not always responsive. Another issue is that some driving aids don’t perform well. However, if you are looking for a compact car that is fun to drive and offers improved performance without giving up any fuel efficiency, Honda CIVIC SI Sedan 2017 is definitely one of the best choices.       

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